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One of the greatest things about tumblr is also one of it’s worst. And that is people stating their opinions (on their own blogs, no less) about a particular subject and then getting taken to the woodshed for having the fucking gall to state it in the first place. I follow a fairly diverse group of people because I like that. If I followed blogs that were all similar what would be the point? We are all different people here, yet we are all the same. This post kind of lost it’s point as I got interrupted a few times, so I apologize. I guess what I am trying to say is that while someone may have a differing opinion than you, it is theirs. So please respect that and try to respect each other. 

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  1. gamerchick02 said: You, sir, are fucking brilliant.
  2. infectedwithrage said: I don’t appreciate you telling me what I should respect.
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